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Oulu Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCI Oulu), a part of Junior Chamber International, was established in 1964. With about 60 members, it is one of the oldest and biggest chambers in Finland.

JCI Oulu gives possibilities for learning by doing, focusing on developing your professional skills from presentations and debating skills to strategic management and project management. Our chamber is well-known for QPM (Quality Project Management), according to which we manage our projects.

Our chamber is very active in organizing different kinds of projects, events and trainings. Some examples of our projects are Local Debating Championships, a family sport event called “Liikukko Nää?”, Investment Trade Show called “Sijoitusmessut” in Oulu, Terwa Business Golf and International Weekend.

We also have two Twinning chambers abroad: JCI Glasgow and JCI Higashi Osaka. Meeting our Scottish and Japanese friends gives an international aspect to our JC activities.

Are you interested in what JCI Oulu can offer you? Please contact the president by e-mail: pres (at)